“Three-parent technology” in the UK

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Human Fertilization and Embryology Committee has approved the practice of artificial fertilization using the genetic material of three people. This decision was made in a panel session in December, 15 2016.

Thus, the United Kingdom has become the first state in the world, where the “three-parent” IVF is absolutely legal.

Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority chairwoman Sally Cheshire says it will help parents with severe mitochondrial disease have genetically related children.

The technique of “mitochondrial donation” gives the opportunity to replace faulty mitochondria of the mother with the healthy mitochondria of another woman. The nucleus (which contains more than 99% of DNA) remains the same, which means that the child inherits the features of the biological mother without a number of rare but very serious mitochondrial diseases.

Human Fertilization and Embryology Committee will give the licenses to clinics and patients in need.

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